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5 Ways to Rapidly Grow Your Email List

Email is fast, relatively inexpensive, and offers one of the best returns for your marketing dollar. As a business owner, you should not only be using email marketing, you should be building and maintaining an email database. But that’s not a one-time effort. Your email list requires constant attention – you will want it to grow, and be full of relevant customers who are ready to buy.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time adding names to your email database, here are five ways to grow your list quickly.

Offer a content upgrade

You likely publish some content – a blog or a newsletter, even photos of your work for example – for free. This drives interest in your brand and pushes viewers to your website. But your premium content should only be given to customers who have provided their email address. Think of it like this: You write a blog on topic X, but people who want your next blog going super in-depth on X will have to subscribe to your blog by providing their email address. That is a content upgrade.

Add in-email social sharing buttons

Customers already on your email list can broadcast your message with one click. All you need to do is add buttons to the bottom of your messages that allow the reader to post your content to their social media. Now your blog goes out to readers you might never reach. When those people are intrigued by your content, they will in turn sign up for your email list.

Add a subscribe link to email signatures

You and your sales team might be emailing prospects all day long, but those prospects might never sign up for your email list. Perhaps they just don’t revisit your website after getting in touch with you. You can resolve that easily by adding a “subscribe” link to the email signature of everyone who answers your sales or customer service email inquiries.

Use opt-in incentives

People love free stuff. If you have an e-book or whitepaper, consider giving it away for free to customers who sign up for your email list. Alternatively, you could offer a discount or premium item for signing up. You’ll be surprised how many people will join your email list when they find out what’s in it for them.

Start a viral competition

Don’t just have a sweepstakes to give away a prize. Get your readers to actively participate. For example, you have a $500 gift card to give away, and people can enter the drawing by entering their email address. Add a wrinkle to that by offering additional entries for each referral providing an email address they recruit. So one reader could enter multiple times by having all of his friends provide their email addresses too.

Don’t forget to have your email opt-in prominently displayed on your website at all times. That way, visitors who already are interested in your content can easily subscribe. Additionally, let InfoUSA help you with all aspects of email marketing, including email list maintenance.

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