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Sourced directly from court records, our Tax Lien and Judgment lists will give you up-to-date information on individuals and businesses you want to target. Let us help you quickly create the perfect tax lien list for your business.

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Create Your Perfect List of Tax Liens and Judgments

Narrow down your tax lien list by geography—city, state, ZIP Code, and more— then choose from the selections below.


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  • Mortgage information
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  • Sales volume
  • Contact title
  • SIC and NAICS codes
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Suggested Users for Tax Lien and Judgment Lists

There is a broad range of uses for our business and consumer tax lien lists. They can be especially helpful to the following types of businesses:

44x29-2-1Tax resolution services


tax-liens2Credit recovery programs


tax-liens3Debt abatement services


tax-liens4Credit education/financial literacy counselors

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