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Pinpoint the right Internet users for your marketing and sales.

Targeting the perfect audience for your marketing, sales, or research needs is easy with our Online Activities TargetReady Models. They’re pre-loaded and ready for you to customize. Simply choose from our wide variety of selections—including age, gender, income, ethnicity, and geography—to create your ideal mailing list.

The Online Activities TargetReady Models can help you:

Reach the perfect audience

Choose your model, then narrow down your list with dozens of search selections as well as geographic information.

Save time and resources

TargetReady Models are pre-built and available for immediate use, so you can quickly begin to match your customers and prospects with the best suitable products and services.

Get a better return on your investment

Customizing your message to the right audience can help improve your campaign’s ROI.

How We Build Our TargetReady Models

We use an extensive set of customer characteristics to assign model scores to each consumer record in our database. Our TargetReady Model scores are easy to use, running from 0 (least likely to resemble the target) to 9 (most likely to resemble the target).

Get started.

Simply choose your TargetReady model and make your desired selections.

Your list will be delivered in minutes.

Additional TargetReady Models

We offer more than 90 TargetReady Models covering major behavioral and attitudinal categories, including:

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