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Enhancements to the Database – November 2016

At InfoUSA, we work hard to ensure our customers have accurate, up-to-date information. As it’s an important election year, we were curious as to what today’s key voter looked like. By working with the data in our consumer databases, we were able to uncover the following statistics:

When compared to Democrats, Republicans are:

  • 35% more likely to work in real estate
  • 24% more likely to be a business owner
  • 40% more likely to be a financial executive

As compared to single adult Democrat households, single-adult Republican households are:

  • 65% more likely to have a home office
  • 26% more likely to make online purchases
  • 22% more likely to be frequent fliers

When compared to Republicans, Democrats are:

  • 40% more likely to work in education
  • 70% more likely to work in social services
  • 42% more likely to be a director/executive director

As compared to single adult Republican households, single-adult Democrat households are:

  • 47% more likely to shop for fun
  • 62% more likely to buy from catalogs
  • 58% more likely to have an education loan
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