What do the buttons do within the Salesgenie Dialer?

Single Call Mode: Call – When you click Call, the phone you have connected to the Salesgeine Dialer will ring. After you answer, the Salesgenie Dialer will connect then call the lead’s [...]

What web browser do you recommend for Salesgenie Dialer?

We recommend using Chrome or Firefox for the Salesgenie Dialer.

Where can I see my call history?

You are able to view your call history by clicking the My Account tab, and then clicking the Dialer tab within that section.

How do you exit a call campaign?

While you are in an active call campaign, the icon above the grid will toggle to Exit Campaign. You can click on Exit Campaign to return to the list mode.

Can you see previously called records in a call campaign?

During a call campaign, previously called records are highlighted in gray. Selecting a previously called record will display a gray phone icon in the quick view summary. You also have the option [...]

Can you view another record in the quick view panel while connected to a call?

Yes, you are able to view a different record in the quick view panel while connected to a call. When another record is in view, you will see a green call bar at the top of the panel that allows [...]

Can you skip a lead within a call campaign?

Yes, you are able to skip around the lead list during a call campaign and maintain connection to the Salesgenie Dialer. During the 60-second countdown between calls, you can select any record in [...]

Can you pause the Salesgenie Dialer?

No, you are not able to pause the Salesgenie Dialer. We have added the 60-second countdown between calls to allow time to finish up notes, add tags, etc. The countdown’s length of time can be [...]

How do you initiate a calling campaign?

When the Salesgenie Dialer setting is turned on, click on the Call Campaign icon located above the Salesgenie Lead Manager to initiate a calling campaign. When in call campaign mode, you can call [...]

How do you initiate a single call?

When the Salesgenie Dialer setting is turned on, the phone number in the quick view panel (located on the right side of the screen) will be displayed as a button. Clicking the button will [...]

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