What do the blue dots in my assigned leads list signify?

The presence of a blue dot indicates that the record is unworked. When the record enters “worked” status, the blue dot will automatically disappear.

How does a record become worked within a list?

Worked status is tracked at the list level. Records are automatically set to worked status when a User assigns a note, schedules a follow-up, changes the disposition, or makes a dialer call. [...]

What is a list message and where can I access it?

Messages can be added to each team list. This feature is accessible from the home page as well as the results page. Once a message has been added, all team members will see the following icon [...]

Can lists be deleted?

Admins can delete a list, removing it from the team lists. Lead assignments associated with the deleted list will also be removed.

Is there a limit on lists or assignments?

Currently, there is no limit on lists or the number of records that can be assigned.

How do I change my list criteria?

Once a list has been saved, Admins can view and edit the list criteria from the list action menu, which is accessible from the home page lists view as well as from the top right side of the [...]

What is a list?

A list is a saved set of records and search criteria used to manage record assignments and progress. Admins can access lists from the home page. Users will only see lists assigned to them.