How can my team view consumer phone numbers?

Admins can submit their business’s subscription account number (SAN) for all Users. Once team members accept the SAN’s terms and conditions, they will be able to view consumer phone numbers.

Can I assign leads or view assigned leads through the mobile app?

No, the Salesgenie mobile app currently does not support Salesgenie Team.

Can I run marketing campaigns?

Yes, Admins and Users can purchase email, direct mail, and calling campaigns at an additional cost.

What reporting is available?

Admins have access to reporting through graphs and .csv files. Reports show data on each Users’ activity, such as number of leads worked, lead status, and notes added.

What is Salesgenie Team?

Salesgenie Team is a multiuser solution that gives sales managers the ability to create lead lists, assign leads, track progress, and share notes and activity with and amongst team members.