What are the guidelines for using automobile data for marketing purposes?

When using automobile data in marketing copy, VIN should never be included. The following are examples of acceptable and unacceptable wording for marketing use. Acceptable Wording: If you own a [...]

What is “purchase date?”

The purchase date is the transaction date listed with the data source providing the first known relationship between the vehicle and the owner.

Is the automobile data in compliance with the Shelby Act?

Yes, the automobile data sourcing methodology is fully compliant with Shelby Legislation. The Shelby Act applies to information obtained from the state, such as the DMV or the secretary of state. [...]

Where does the automobile data come from?

The data is captured from sources such as oil change shops, service centers, dealerships, and other permission-based automotive sources.

Do I get all vehicles for a household when I export?

Yes, we will provide up to 10 vehicles per household when the data is exported from Salesgenie.

What is Automobile Data?

Automobile Data is an add-on subscription for the Salesgenie U.S. Consumer database. Salesgenie now has automobile information, such as make, model, year, and mileage for approximately 65 million [...]

What’s the difference between a lead credit and an automobile credit?

Downloading a U.S. Consumer record that does not contain automobile data will deduct a lead credit only. Downloading a U.S. Consumer record that includes automobile data will deduct both a lead [...]

What fields are available for search?

The following search options are available: Make Model Model Year Number of Vehicles in the household Purchase date Mileage Drive type Fuel type Vehicle type Vehicle class Vehhicle origin Only [...]

What fields are available for output?

You can output all search fields plus VIN.