Can records be reassigned?

Yes, leads can be reassigned from one team member to another in two ways. From the “Your Lists” section of your home page, click “Reassign Assign” from the action menu and select the new team [...]

Why can’t I access custom and fixed assignment types when I have assigned leads in my queue?

Fixed and custom assignment types are unavailable when trying to assign records that are already assigned to other team members.

What are the different assignment options available for assignment?

Salesgenie Team give Admins the power to assign leads in five ways: Custom split allows Admins to assign a custom number of records to team members. Fixed split allows Admins to assign the same [...]

What is the process for assigning leads?

After creating and saving a list, Admins can assign leads out to team members by clicking on the “assign” icon.

Does it cost a credit to assign a lead?

No, assigning leads does not deduct lead credits.