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Launch email campaigns that get delivered.

Leveraging our Email List Maintenance service will significantly reduce undeliverable and problematic addresses—and improve your results.

Send us your email list and we’ll zap undesirable addresses.

Email List Update Services

Leave it to InfoUSA to take your outdated email addresses—known as “bounces”—and provide each user’s new email address (where available).

Email List Hygiene Services

Correct common misspellings, add missing characters to the domain name and extension, and flag potentially bad emails containing foul language.

Email Suppression Services

Submit your email list and we’ll return any records that match our Global Suppression File of undeliverable addresses or that contain identifiers known to cause spam flagging.

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Trust America’s largest email marketing provider.

Every year, InfoUSA deploys an average 25 billion emails for thousands of businesses, and spends over $20 million collecting and verifying our contact data.

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Other email marketing services from InfoUSA to consider.

In addition to our Email Maintenance service, we can help you reach your customers more effectively with our Email Campaign and Email Append services.
Email Campaigns

We make it easy to reach the perfect audience with our Email Campaign Builder. From custom email lists to design, delivery, and tracking, this online tool has everything you need to send a successful email campaign.
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Email Append

We’ll add business email addresses to your current contact list and correct any outdated ones. We can even help you remove those pesky undeliverable email addresses from your files.
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