Grow your customer base with direct mail.

We help businesses just like yours find and reach new prospects with our Direct Mail services. By combining the InfoUSA creative and print solutions with our industry-leading data, we make it easy to send professional mailings to the perfect audience.

We can design your mailer or you can provide the artwork. Then we’ll print, address, and deliver the campaign to your targeted mailing list, ensuring you receive the best possible postal rate.

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Or watch our video to discover how to create a postcard online.

We take care of the legwork. You run your business.

We Design

Provide your own design or let our design experts create the right piece.

We Print

Why hassle with print shops and sending out files?

We Deliver

We’ll handle the mailing requirements and get it out on time.

Deliverable addresses and accurate data help you save
money, boost response rates, and improve targeting.


Postal Processing

We offer a suite of postal processing services, utilizing USPS and proprietary change of address software and processes, to ensure your customer files are accurate and deliverable.



Whether you have duplicates in your database or you’d like to merge separate database files, we’ll find, update, and supply you with only the best records.

Direct mail delivers results.

Households with annual incomes above $150,000 report an intention to respond to 2.2 pieces of advertising mail a week. Other households also
indicated they would respond to more than one piece of advertising mail per week.
Source: USPS Household Diary Study, 2012

Direct mail gets read.

Of all mailed marketing pieces, postcards are most likely to be read. In fact, 52.5% of consumers report that they’ll read a postcard.
Source: USPS Household Diary Study, 2012

Ready to get started with direct mail? Contact our marketing experts now or call 800.835.5856.