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From Our Data Experts …

As the only company that compiles all of its own business and consumer data, we’re always working to ensure you get the most up-to-date and complete information possible. Here’s a snapshot of the latest news from our 132,000-square-foot Database and Technology Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

A Look Back on 2013

Wow, what a year! Here are just a few highlights from the past 12 months:

  • Added over 1.8 million U.S. businesses
  • Added more than 2 million business email addresses
  • Placed in excess of 24 million verification calls
  • Made close to 1 million updates to primary SICs and over 2 million updates to secondary SICs

We saw large growth in health clinics—up 22.16%. Beauty salons grew 4.32% with 10.5k new locations added. Electric charging stations skyrocketed from 202 to 6,802 records. We also added about 43k video rental kiosks (family movie night, anyone?)

Restaurants still held their own with 121k new locations (a 22.32% increase). Cellular telephone services also had a nice jump (13.91%), as did general merchandise – retail (27.81%), due in part to a large number of dollar stores popping up. We also separated out e-cigarette retailers into their own SIC and saw an 856% jump in records within this category.

In addition, we added more than 115,000 specialties to our physician records—from allergy and immunology to thoracic surgery—making it even easier to target the perfect audience for your sales or marketing campaign.

Seeing Green

We’ve heard your feedback, and we delivered! The new Green Adopter Score is now available on all businesses within our database, giving you a simple way to target businesses that are likely to adopt eco-friendly measures.

Hitting the Target

If you haven’t taken a look at our TargetReady™ Models, you may be missing out. They’re pre-built and ready to be customized to your exact needs, making it easy to find the consumers based on their personal interests and behaviors.Plus, we just added eight more to the lineup—giving you more than 100 from which to choose. Check out our latest additions:

New TargetReady Model Predicts the likelihood that a household …
Avid Smartphone Users … owns a personal smartphone and the bill exceeds $100 per month
Health Insurance …purchased health insurance via an agent, direct, or online
Satellite TV …subscribes to satellite television services
Online Music Download …has downloaded at least two albums or 10 songs in the past year
Adult Education … attends adult education classes at least twice a month
Pilates/Yoga … practices Pilates or yoga at least once a month
Fast Food … visited a fast food/drive-thru at least nine times and spent $200 or more over the past six months
Hybrid Cars …owns or leases at least one hybrid car


We’re pretty excited about our brand new geo-segmentation tool, GeoDNA, and we think you will be too.GeoDNA leverages business and consumer data to identify the genetic makeup of ZIP Codes across the United States. But it’s more than a segmentation tool. GeoDNA gives you the power to:

  • Access a three-dimensional view of any location in the United States, combining business, consumer, and census data
  • Find detailed descriptors, giving you a vivid picture of each cluster
  • Identify and locate your best consumer or business clients
  • Use custom segmentation and filters, with over 150 variables to help you make smarter decisions
  • Understand the marketing landscape for new products or services
  • Create insightful visual presentations

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