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InfoUSA Business Specialty Lists

Get a better response with a targeted business list.

When you want to make sure your products and services get in front of those most likely to buy, a targeted business specialty list could be your answer. Choose from the following categories.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we will find it for you.

At home business

Target home businesses using InfoUSA’s accurate and up-to-date specialty business lists. Easily generate new home business sales leads.


InfoUSA offers a variety of ways to search consumer and business databases or lists including consumer's credit ratings and bankruptcy status.

Big Business List

InfoUSA maintains a large database of businesses and offers solutions to create strategic marketing lists including a big business list to generate sales leads.


Specialty lists from InfoUSA including churches and related business. Very customizable and affordable marketing lists to increase sales leads.


Dentist lists and database from InfoUSA. Search our business database by specialty, state, licensure, office size and more!

Doctor List

Target doctors, surgeons and general practices using InfoUSA’s business database. Easily create doctor lists, physician lists, and more.

Executive Marketing Lists

Looking for an executive marketing list? Try using InfoUSA’s regularly updated executive marketing and mailing lists to generate new business leads.

Farms & Farmers

Use InfoUSA’s Farm lists to quickly target the farmers and ranchers you need to reach. Create your ideal marketing list of farmers and ranchers today.


Create a customized list based on the FORTUNE 1000 company list. InfoUSA offers many ways to search through its mailing lists to generate sales leads.

Growing Businesses

Easily create a special marketing campaign for growing businesses using InfoUSA’s accurate customizable and up-to-date business database.

Healthcare Providers

Generating healthcare leads is easy using InfoUSA’s specialty healthcare marketing lists. Quickly and accurately create medical professional mailing lists.


InfoUSA makes it easy to create highly targeted marketing lists of homeschoolers. Find new customers with a homeschooling list today.


Targeting investors for your marketing lists has never been easier. InfoUSA maintains a large database with specialty marketing lists including investors.


Create manufacturer marketing lists with InfoUSA’s business database. Accurate up-to-date and customizable business lists in a jiffy.

New Businesses

Earn a better return on your investment by creating marketing lists targeting new businesses. InfoUSA maintains a large up-to-date business database.

Nurse Lists

Reach healthcare specialists including LPNs, RNs, nurse practitioners, clinical specialists, and more with mailing lists and marketing campaigns.

People by Occupation

Need to target individuals with a special occupation? Use InfoUSA’s accurate and up-to-date database to generate new sales leads.


Pilot lists, aircraft owner lists, and other highly targeted consumer lists from InfoUSA. Create a highly customized mailing list today.

Real Estate

Use our real estate mailing data to create targeted real estate mailing lists for your Business to Business (B2B) marketing efforts. InfoUSA.

Religious Affiliation

InfoUSA carefully creates and maintains a large consumer database. Quickly and easily create targeted consumer lists including religious affiliation.


Find and reach the youth market with InfoUSA’s student mailing lists. Quickly build a list of high school and college students for a marketing campaign.

Tax Liens

Create tax lien and judgments lists of businesses and consumers with targeted tax lien and judgment data from InfoUSA. Effective email marketing in your reach.

UCC Lists

InfoUSA & offer detailed and accurate UCC mailing lists perfect for merchant, cash advance businesses, business lending organizations, and more.

Zip Code Mailing Lists

Design direct mail marketing campaigns with residential leads from InfoUSA. InfoUSA residential mailings provide direct marketers with an easy way to create mailing lists by zip code and grow [...]