This is How Your Data Will Change in 2020

A watch can tell you how many steps you’ve taken, your calories, and sleeping habits.

“Data analytics is key to understanding the world we live in,” said John Copenhaver, senior vice president of InfoUSA. “It’s the overall shift in people starting to think more scientifically.”

In fact, it used to be difficult to get our InfoUSA users to think about their data as a resource to acquire look alike customers and grow their business, Copenhaver said. However, that changed when larger companies shifted focus to data-driven marketing and sales solutions.

At InfoUSA, we’ve seen a change in the conversation regarding your data needs. It’s not just a shift in B2B and B2C markets, Copenhaver added. It’s a general shift in business culture across the country.

“For years, it was a struggle, but it was something we always offered,” Copenhaver said of selling data solutions to InfoUSA customers. “Now, you see a rise in people who want solutions to find more people who look just like their best customers.”

That meant more people wanted turnkey solutions, especially for direct mail and online display advertising. And while some people viewed direct mail as dated, or old school, there was an important reason why it remains one of the most popular and successful marketing channels.

Said Copenhaver: “Here’s the one thing people often forget. The only communication channel everyone in the world has access to is a mailbox. Some people have landlines, email addresses, and Facebook. Some don’t. If you truly want to be able to reach everyone, direct mail is it.”

He added the barrier to entry for direct mail is postage, something that “keeps the channel somewhat clean.”

In 2020, we have a new data solution in the works for you. We plan to launch InfoUSA Results, a new one-stop-shop for getting your business website online and noticed by new customers every day. We’ll handle everything from website design, coding, and more. Prices start at $300 per month.

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