How Stay-at-Home Students Affect Your Business

Families with stay-at-home students may need to make some adjustments to accommodate a full school day without the classroom.

At InfoUSA, we can help you with a households with children list to find families most likely to purchase your products and services. In fact, the average household spends $1,053 on school supplies each year, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).
That number is expected to increase this year, especially for families whose previous budgets didn’t include computers, e-learning equipment, and other technology supplies.

We know some products will come as an unexpected cost for these families. That’s why we take care in presenting your products and services. We’ll position them so your target audience sees their value and worth. They focus less on the cost and more about the benefits to their children.

Our team of marketing experts can help you pick the right solution to reach these families with your message. Whether it’s email, direct mail, social media, or online ads, we’ll help you figure it out. We can take your ideas and create an engaging marketing campaign to increase your revenue.

If you’d like to learn more about our households with children lists or would like to speak with someone directly, call 800.835.5856.