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5 Things Every Marketer Can Learn from Santa Claus

Santa made a special list this year. What’s more, he’s asked us to share it with you! Read on for 5 Things Every Marketer Can Learn from Santa Claus, and keep your business growing all year round.


1. Listen to your customers.

Current customers are your best assets, and they should feel like it. Expand your marketing so that customers aren’t just receiving sales calls or the same deals as everyone else, but also special offers, member only coupons, information about new products or services, and even just the occasional check in. They’ll be glad you listened to their wants and needs so you’ll stay on the nice list.


2. Test your message.

Different words, colors, channels, images, offers, and even times of day can garner different reactions from customers and prospects. Uncover combinations that inspire your audience to be good this season and take action again and again throughout next year.


3. Make a list.

It doesn’t matter if your product or service is meant to reach boys, girls, or a combination of the two. Making a (targeted!) list complete with desired contact information such as phone number or email address is crucial to a successful marketing campaign every time.


4. Check your list twice.

A lot can change in a year. Don’t be caught off guard by boys and girls that have moved, changed jobs, or updated their email address. Scrub your list of customers against a reliable database and increase the number of customers you’ll be able to reach and thank for their loyalty.


5. Repeat steps 1 through 4.

Marketing, like the holidays, isn’t a one-time event. Listen, test, make new lists, and double check them every time you send a new marketing campaign. Doing so will increase your success time and again, the whole year through.

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