Data Processing

Take full advantage of your customer file with data processing.

Your customers are your best assets, so make sure you have the data quality you need to reach them and market effectively. Accurate data will help save you money, boost response rates, and improve targeting.

Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement

Do you want to append email addresses or other contact information to your database, or just learn more about your customers? Our Data Enhancement service can help enhance your list quickly and easily.

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Postal Processing

39x39mail.gifWe offer a suite of postal processing services to ensure your customer files are accurate and deliverable. We use the latest generation of USPS® change-of-address software along with a proprietary change-of-address database for bulk address verification.

Data Suppression

39x38data.gifWe make it easy to suppress unwanted prospects or current customers from your marketing lists so you can maximize your results. Plus, it’s simple to flag records on the DMA Do Not Call list, Do Not Mail suppression, Moved Away list, Inmate suppression, Deceased list and more.


39x31merge.gifDon’t double your efforts or juggle multiple contact lists. Whether you want to remove duplicates from your database or combine separate files, our merge/purge services will leave you with the highest data quality so you can market more efficiently.

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